Protect Your Hearing – When You Should Wear Earplugs

Protect Your Hearing  – When You Should Wear Earplugs

Protect Your Hearing  – When You Should Wear Earplugs

You don’t need to have hearing problems to understand the importance of earplugs. Wearing earplugs in noisy situations can drastically reduce hearing loss caused by being exposed to extremely loud noises.

Earplugs can significantly prolong your hearing health, so even those with perfect hearing should be using earplugs when necessary.

Let’s take a look at some common situations where hearing protection can provide an invaluable benefit!


A common misconception is that earplugs or other ear protection will prevent you from hearing the music at a concert, but that could not be further from the truth. Earplugs actually enhance the listening experience at concerts by dampening unnecessary overtones and allowing you to hear a more “true” sound.

It’s also important to remember: concerts are loud. Prolonged exposure to that volume for an extended period of time will damage your hearing and possibly have your ears ringing into the next morning.

Avoid that headache completely with adequate hearing protection.


For those who the occasional trip to the shooting range, earplugs are an absolute necessity. The sound of a gun shot (especially from such close range) presents a major threat to your eardrums and hearing health.

Studies have shown that any noise over 120 dBs can cause immediate hearing damage, and some gunshots can reach 150 dBs! Although it is widely dependent on the type of gun you are shooting, even the average loudness of guns a shooting range is well over 120 dBs.


Avid swimmers and casual floaters alike have probably experienced an ear infection at some point in their life. They can be very painful and sometimes even require medical attention.

The best way to keep water our of your ears when you are in the pool is with earplugs, but not just any noise-cancelling earplugs. You will need specific water-blocking earplugs to completely keep water from entering your ear canal and causing you harm.


Building a house or building is far from a quiet process. The machinery needed to safely and correctly construct a building is very heavy and very loud.

If you work in construction and find yourself constantly surrounded by the buzzing whirring and blasting of heavy construction equipment, then ear protection might be your best friend.

The constant presence of loud noise on a job site can leave your ears ringing for hours. Earplugs can help cut down on the roar and leave you leaving the site without that pesky buzzing. You don’t want to completely cut the noise out, however, so make sure you select an appropriate model of an earplug that will allow you to maintain situational awareness and stay safe!

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