Know Our Products – Completely-In-the-Canal Hearing Aids

Know Our Products – Completely-In-the-Canal Hearing Aids

Completely-In-the-Canal Hearing Aids

Your hearing aid needs to perform, but it also needs to feel right. Consider a completely in the canal hearing aid for comfort.

There is no “one size fits all” hearing aid. A comfortable hearing aid is more than just a luxury. When you consider how often you wear your hearing aid, comfort quickly becomes a necessity.

At Clear Choice Hearing, we offer a variety of hearing aid models to the Middle Tennessee area to meet our customers needs. We are able to provide comfortable options based on personal preference, level of hearing loss, and general lifestyle habits.

Completely In the Canal

In terms of invisible comfort, it is tough to find a better option than a completely-in-the-ear, or CIC, hearing aid. Completely contained in a tiny case that fits entirely in the ear canal, a CIC hearing aid is virtually invisible. CIC models of hearing aids are molded to fit in your inner ear, providing the user with custom comfort that is tailored to their own ear canal.

Some models are even designed to be worn while sleeping, creating a unique convenience not offered by other larger models. Its small size and low profile design mean it will not only stay out of the way of telephone receivers, but it will also allow the natural shape of the outer ear to cut out wind noise!

Limited Size, Limited Features

Completely in the canal hearing aids will not have as many features as the larger models, and will also house smaller batteries. It is more of a “bare bones” hearing aid model. A CIC hearing is still a high-performing device that consistently delivers, however, it does just so without features such as buttons and control wheels.

They are perfect for those with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for a low-maintenance hearing aid that they can leave in for long periods of time.

Completely In the Canal is the Comfortable Option

If you value comfort over bells and whistles, then a Completely In the Canal hearing aid might be the perfect option.

Just imagine, waking up and going to sleep for days at a time without having to remove your hearing aid! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Your day-to-day life is almost unaffected while wearing a Completely In the Canal hearing aid. They keep your ear ventilated and the custom shape allows for the microphone to be as close as possible to your eardrum.

Middle Tennessee Hearing Aid Provider

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